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European Muay ChampionshipThe 3rd European Muaythai Championship

To all Members, Clubs, Presidents, Boxers, Coaches and Muaythai lovers; It is with great pleasure and delight to invite you all to participate and attend the most exciting and highly anticipated Muaythai event in Europe the “European Muaythai Championship” 2014.

The event will be hosted in Bucharest-Romania from 19 till 28 September 2014. Full info package available on request.

Please email us at pr@worldmuaythaifederation.com Seeing you there EMC Team. (READ MORE)

European Muay ChampionshipWhy it must be Muay

Here are the reasons why it should be MUAY. A game should find its unification in the process to be accepted by all nations as a sport that can be recognised and to be competed without one-sided advantages.

Suggestions for improvement: If all agrees, then MUAY should be the official name of the game and all nation associations or federations are to be unified through registering itself with the existing WMF which should also change its name to be called WORLD MUAY FEDERATION instead of the present name (World Muaythai Federation). (READ MORE)

European ChmapionshipEuropean Championships

Each year, requests to undertake the organization of the Euro Championships for the following years, accompanied by a file describing the technical and financial circumstances of the candidature, must reach the administrative office of the E.M.C. two years before the organizing of the competition. These requests are to be placed on the agenda of the Congress or General Assembly and must arrive within the time limit laid down by the E.M.C. Statutes for inclusion there on.
– When it puts forward its candidature, a federation must present a full dossier which complies with the E.M.C instructions, and make a commitment before the Congress or General Assembly to comply with the specifications set down by the E.M.C and to respect its financial obligations.
– When the Congress or the General Assembly has awarded the Euro Championships to a Member Federation, the President of the organizing Federation and, if the case arises, the organizer himself shall sign a protocol detailing their complete awareness of the specifications set down by the EMC and of their financial obligations. (READ MORE)