Rules & Regulations

Rules & RegulationsThe Aims of the Е.M.C. are:
– to promote the development of Muay Boran, Muay and Muaythai throughout Europe, to tighten the ties of friendship which unite Boxers of all countries, by setting up lasting relations between representative groups, and to nurture the improvement of the practice of our traditional boxing and sport in every way.
– to see that international competitions open to member federations are organized in accordance with E.M.C. Rules and W.M.F Rules.
– to establish Rules according to which international competitions must be organized.
– to organize the European Championships, as well as Junior, and Cadet European Championships
– to authorize and supervise the other official E.M.C. competitions
– to insure that in international competitions the bans, suspensions, expulsions, disqualification’s and all other penalties issued by one of the member federations are respected
– to study and legislate on all matters pertaining to Muay Boran, Muay and Muaythai in international relations;
– to promote and develop the struggle against doping and other type of drugs;
– to promote Muay Boran, Muay and Muaythai to be organized at the Olympic Games in the future.

The E.M.C. will only acknowledge one sport authority in each country (the “National Federation”) to regulate Muay Boran, Muay and Muaythai. For the definition of “country”, the E.M.C. will adopt the interpretation of the International Olympic Committee.
– The E.M.C. must not interfere in the purely internal functioning of its constituent members.
– The E.M.C. grants an international license to compete in its official competitions (cf. chapter 9).
– The E.M.C. requires each member national Federation to apply the principle of political, racial and religious non-discrimination. In particular, no competitor from a member national Federation may take part in an official competition of the E.M.C. or in any other international competition if he refuses to fight against any other competitor correctly entered, unless his refusal is authorized by the Statutes or the Rules. In case of violation of this rule, the competitor will immediately be disqualified, and the Executive Committee will investigate if, and on what charges, a request for a penalty against the member national Federation to which the disqualified competitor belongs should be submitted to the Disciplinary Commission.
– The member Federation which applies as a candidate to organize congresses, official competitions, or any other E.M.C. international events, must be solemnly bound to make the maximum effort to enable all the member Federations to take part in those events, without any discrimination whatever.
– No team or competitor of a member federation has the right to take part in any competition organized by a non-member country or by a “confederation” which is not recognized by the E.M.C. and the converse. Nevertheless, competitors of countries which are not members of the E.M.C. may be registered for competitions organized by member federations, provided that they are in possession of E.M.C. license. They fight under the banner of the E.M.C.
– All members of member federations are forbidden from taking part in competitions or events organized by an individual or entity which is not recognized by the national federation of their country, unless these competitions or events have been specially authorized by that same federation. International competitions which are not organized by a member federation and in which there are more than five nationalities must have the approval of the E.M.C. and must appear on the International Calendar.
– The competition entries are only valid if sent by their member federation, except as permitted in the 2nd paragraph above.
– As an exceptional measure, and in order to develop international Muay Boran, Muay and Muaythai in countries where a National Federation which is a member of the E.M.C. does not yet exist, the member Federations, with the agreement of the E.M.C. Central Office, may accept boxer from non-member countries, specifying in advance the venue and date of the envisaged events. The permission thus granted will have to stress each time that it applies to a match between boxer of one single member Federation and those of one single nonmember country.
– That all bans, suspensions, expulsions, disqualifications or other penalties issued by a member federation should be made known to the Central Office of the E.M.C. and to all member federations of the E.M.C.