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6th European Muay Championship 2017 – Minsk – Belarus

Dear EMC Members and WMF Guests Members: You are all invited and welcome to the 6th  European Muay Championship 2017 in Minsk-Belarus. The event is going to take place at Minsk - Arena from 29th November until 4th December 2017.   This event will be organized in partnership with I... (read more)

Official Draw 4th European Muay Championship 2015 Aradippou Cyprus

The official draw for the 4th European Muay Championship from Aradippou Cyprus – 2015. The event will represent the stress test for each and every team, athlete and federation of their work, training and techniques against teams from all over Europe. The event it is also meant to evaluate athletes... (read more)

Official Dinner – Welcome Party – European Muay Championship 2015

Official Dinner – Welcome Party – European Muay Championship 2015. The official dinner party was held at Lordos Beach Hotel from Aradippou – Cyprus Date and Venue of the Event The European Muay Championship will be held between the dates of: 21st November to 30th November 2015. Locatio... (read more)

  The European Muay Confederation (E.M.C.) was created as a venue for the European Zone Members from World Muay Federation (W.M.F.) to be able to independently create, showcase and organize their own Zone events and Championships.

With an ever growing number of members, federations, associations and organizations in Europe looking for a banner to unify them and to better represent their needs and advancements, in March 2013 the President of W.M.F. Lt.Gen. Akachai Chantosa had presided over the First Extraordinary Meeting of the Europe Zone where he officially announced the decision of the Executive Board Meeting of W.M.F.: The official formation of the European Muay Confederation E.M.C. and appointment as its President Mrs. Gabriela Murg and as General Secretary Mrs. Maria Kozleva.

Since that day, following the guidelines and rules of W.M.F. the European Muay Confederation E.M.C. has been responsible to unify and organize in Europe all of the National Federations, Associations, Leagues and Clubs under the banner of E.M.C., making sure that just one rule book is followed, that all individuals and trainers meet the same criteria and standards in the sport.