Judge and referees

Judge and RefereeAn International Competition Bout
– There must be one (1) Referee to carry out duties in the ring, but not to score, five (5) capable Judges and at least three (3) Juries. There must be one (1) Chairman of the Ring Officials to supervise the bout. All the above mentioned officials must be approved by the Executive Committee of the Federation. If there are not enough judges, it is possible to  have three (3) instead of five (5) judges, but not valid for an international championship bout.

Disagreement (Conflict of Interests)
The officials who perform duties of the referee or judges of the bout must not perform duties of the team managers, coaches, or ring assistants for the any athletes or teams participating in the competition or to perform duty in the bout where the athlete is of similar nationality as his/her own.

Disciplinary Measures
The Executive Members of the Technical Committee of the Federation or their representatives have authorities to remove the referees or judges from the official lists (temporarily or permanently) when the jury considers that the referee’s performance is ineffective or the judge’s scoring system is unsatisfactory or unjustifiable.

Replacement of Referee
If the referee cannot perform his duties for the bout in action, the timekeeper must strike the bell to stop the action. The next neutral referee in the list will be assigned to control and
manage the bout thereafter.

The referees and judges appointed by the Executive Committee of Federation must accept the invitation to perform their duties unless one refuses the invitation personally with reasonable excuse. If there is an organization responsible for the athlete’s expenses or the competition of same characteristics, that organization must also be responsible for traveling and accommodation expenses for the referees and judges appointed for the competition.

Qualifications to become and to be enlisted as referees/judges of the Federation at an
International Competition

All candidates for international level need to pass the training and examination course for
referees and judges organized by the Federation and must go through at least FIVE (5)
compete bouts of competition. Their name must also be listed as referee and judge of the
Amateur Muay Associations or Federations of their respective country for at least FOUR (4) years or have been appointed from such Amateur Muay Associations or Federations.

a) He/she must have a health certificate from the doctor of that country certifying that he/she is physically fit and healthy enough to perform duties of the referee or judge.
b) He/she must have the accreditation card or certification card or certification or logbook of referee and judge as evidence to show his/her experiences, physical fitness and the status of amateurism.
c) He/she must have the ability to speak the international language well (preferably English).
d) He/she must have been very successful in performing the referee’s duties or the judge’s duties throughout the period of appointment.
e) For women’s bout;
– 1) Competition that involved women athlete’s bout, the Referee can be either a woman or a man.
– 2) The team of judges may consist of women or men.