European Championships

European ChampionshipCandidatures for an European Championship
– Each year, requests to undertake the organization of the European Championships for the following years, accompanied by a file describing the technical and financial circumstances of the candidature, must reach the administrative office of the E.M.C. two years before the organizing of the competition. These requests are to be placed on the agenda of the Congress or General Assembly and must arrive within the time limit laid down by the E.M.C. Statutes for inclusion there on.
– When it puts forward its candidature, a federation must present a full dossier which complies with the E.M.C instructions, and make a commitment before the Congress or General Assembly to comply with the specifications set down by the E.M.C and to respect its financial obligations.
– When the Congress or the General Assembly has awarded the European Championships to a Member Federation, the President of the organizing Federation and, if the case arises, the organizer himself shall sign a protocol detailing their complete awareness of the specifications set down by the EMC and of their financial obligations.
– The Executive Committee of the Е.M.C. will have the same powers should the member federation to whom the organization was entrusted by the Congress withdraw and in the event of any discriminatory act by the organizing federation.
– Supervision by the Е.M.C. of an European Championship
– Participation in an European Championship
– The European Championships are open to all national federations affiliated with the E.M.C.

European ChampionshipEntries for the European Championship:
– The member federations who wish to send their boxer to participate in an European Championships, must so advise the national federation which undertakes the organization of the Championships, three before they are due to begin. At least one month before the European Championships, the organizers will have to inform the administrative office of the E.M.C. which countries are taking part in each event.
– Eight days before the Championships begin, each member federation must advise the organizers of the number and names of competitors in each event; the organizer shall provide this information to the administrative office of the EMC Changes of names by countries due to reasons beyond their control/injury can only be made up to 24 hours before each event.
Order of events:
– the organizers must submit the program of events to the Executive Committee for its approval.

General Rules:
The official championships called “European Muay Championship” are held annually under the auspices of the E.M.C.
The European Youth and  Cadet Championships are to be held together annually.