Why it must be Muay

Why Muay

Here are the reasons why it is MUAY.

Reason # 1

A game should find its unification in the process to be accepted by all nations as a sport that can be recognized and allow to be competed in without one-sided advantages.

SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVEMENT: As all agrees, MUAY will be the official name of the game and all national associations or federations are to be unified through registering itself with the existing W.M.F. which should also change its name to be called WORLD MUAY FEDERATION instead of the name (World Muaythai Federation, see merger and unification agreement as of March 2008).

Reason # 2

The word Muaythai itself is self-explanatory and originates from the professional aspect of the sport which comes from Thailand, with a must to perform at professional levels for all athletes and boxers which are competing in the events.

Adapting some of the aspects from the professional sport and game, introducing proper equipment and protections which will ensure majority acceptance by all interested in the combat aspect of the Martial Art of Muay, adapting the rules and regulations of the MUAY game as a sport as a combat ring sport for Amateur and ProAm Classes, changes which will make the sport more popular and accessible to all, in line with all of the other combat ring sports out there, reflecting a better representation of the traditional and heritage values associated with the Martial Art.

Reason # 3

Even the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) had introduced and recognized Muay as being the official game and sport for Amateur Class, not Muaythai which is the Professional Level Class.

SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVEMENT: The answer is in the item above which reflects the position adopted by the OCA and also the way as the game had been introduced and presented to SEA Games, Asian Indoor Games, Asian Beach Games etc… All of the above mentioned IOC recognized events have introduced or recognized the sport of Muay for all the Amateur class events.

Reason # 4

Over 2 decades ago, International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) and International Amateur Muay Thai Federation (IAMTF) were formed with good intentions at hearth by their founders, which was to promote Muaythai as an Amateur Game to the world. Both organizations had at some point merged and agreed with the signing of an M.O.U. to form the World Muaythai Federation (W.M.F.) in 2004, Ching Mai Thailand.
Apparently, due to ill intentions on their part, IFMA withdrew from the pact and have been using detrimental tactics and influences to disrupt this wonderful sport, some due to personal gains while other reasons were just superficial understanding of sport management, education requirements and conservation of a Martial Art . Today, this sport for all had been hijacked by IFMA and had been turned around to become mostly professional gaming event of which money is largely the scope while this has killed the Amateurism of this wonderful game and led to loss of appeal for many of its practitioners.

SUGGESTIONS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Support World Muay Federation (W.M.F.) and its efforts, programs and intention to organize MUAY Amateur Sport as a sport for all nations and people. In its efforts to better preserve and conserve the Martial Art of Muay and the Amateur Sport of Muay, the W.M.F. had formed and organized 5 Zone Federations as follows: Asian Muay Federation (A.M.F.) and its su zone representative the Soth East Asian Muay Federation (SE.A.M.F.), European Muay Confederation (E.M.C.), PanAmerican Muay Federation (PA.M.F.), Austral/Oceania Muay Federation (AO.M.F.) and SubSaharan African Muay Federation (SSAMF).

Always working together as an unification body with one single vision, so that in the end higher recognition can be achieved from International Olympic Committee (IOC) and hopefully having the game to be included for Olympic competition in the future, also working closely with UNESCO for the recognition of the Martial Art of Muay for further conservation and protection as a world heritage (included subdivisions are the Muay Boran, Muay Chayia, Muaythai, Lethwei, Pradal Serey, Tomoi, Muay Viet, Muay Laos etc..). All of this will ultimately lead to stopping any ill intended organizations, which either do not understand or they care only about the financial gains, from diverting the scope of the game from Amateur to being just a professional sport.

We at W.M.F. understand that the strength of the Sport is to be found in the number of individuals worldwide which they practice it, they compete in it and they can call themselves Muay practitioners, while prestigious events encourages the National Teams to meet and compete for the medals and glory in a safe and sports prestigious environment.

There is a long road ahead, but with the dedication, support and cooperation from the W.M.F. team we are certain that the Sport of Muay will prosper, will become more and more popular for the benefit of all people which practice it and love this Martial Art.